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AirPods Pro Copy

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About AirPods Pro Copy: Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth Headphones - Pink wireless earbuds are perfect for the most involved workouts, with no cables but plenty of technology. The improved equalizer and its exclusive ergonomic design deliver clear, balanced sound at any volume level. Some headphones have a good signal and make annoying beeps and noises but it's fine from other putty. It is of high quality and in good condition. Specifications: Ergonomic design, stylish and comfortable. The headphones deliver powerful powerful bass-based stereo sound with greater volume and enhanced dynamics. Specially designed for those who love classical, rock, pop or gaming with high quality sound. Built-in remote and microphone Cable designed only for highly flexible interlock including in-line controller with universal MICS. Pause your music or answer/end a call by pressing a button right next to your hands, a function available depending on the capabilities of your device.